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Brown and "The Difficult Second Album"

So, to Blackpool, for the last time (aaaahhh!)

This year I’ve found a hotel that has an en-suite bathroom (that’s not a slur on the hospitality of the Flyde Coast – just that last time I made the assumption and was disappointed).

Much dissecting of the polls about – polls which, leveller heads a few weeks were reminding us, would be meaningless until taken after the conference season. Of course, the rumours of a snap election have given the pundits plenty of excuses for doom-mongering, including that harbinger of joy, Anthony King in the Telegraph this morning.

Yet prompting the current poll situation, apart from Brown’s honeymoon and the fawning coverage, is the series of carefully planned gimmicks and electoral button-pressing that Brown has been indulging in.

The question is, when will Brown’s box of tricks be exhausted? Like a new band, Brown’s first album has received critical acclaim – as it ought to, since he’s had ten years perfecting the lyrics and music since the first demo track was laid. Even if some of the tracks have proven to be haphazard remixes of some else’s work!

However, at some point he will have to tackle the difficult second album. In Blackpool over the next few days, it is the Conservatives’ job to ensure that he won’t be able to get away with just pushing out a greatest hits compilation.

For coverage by older blogging hands, don’t forget to check the Conference Bloggers site.

Meantime … to the bar!


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