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More Boris

Anyone would think he was running for election or something.

“The first 100 days of a Conservative Mayor” featured a panel including Bob Neill as Shadow Minister for London and Merrick Cockell of London Councils.

Says Boris, on Housing: rather than housebuilding targets, he is looking for a more “feng shui”(!) relationship with the London Boroughs, working with councils to produce affordable housing relevant to their local areas, rather than the civil war that Livingstone has been waging with Town Halls for the last seven years. On transport, possibly restructuring some of the 232 £100,000+ pa jobs in Transport for London and using the money to put (probably rather more and 232) conductors back on buses. Merrick Cockell joined in with a suggestion that some of the 1,500 transport PCSOs actually do some patrolling on buses instead of dishing out penalty notices to vehicles on Red Routes.

Meanwhile, has anyone called a General Election yet?

P.S. I see Dizzy and Croydonian, two rows in front of yours truly, have already between them covered the meeting in more detail. Must look into one of those Blackberry thingys.


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