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Honour The Covenant

To the Hilton for the Royal British Legion fringe event, entitled “Honour the Covenant”. Sometimes a fringe event is rated according simply to the speakers featured, or the quality of the food and drink.

However with the Legion’s event, I did feel uncomfortable taking advantage fo the free drink or food, thinking that any spare funds should go towards the care of those who have earned it the hardest way. So, with just a mere orange juice in hand (there will be a larger than usual donation from the Reddin household next month), I joined the audience to hear about the disgraceful situation that results in, as Bernard Jenkin summarised excellently, those who have been prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the nation having to fight the state for their care.

In most other areas I would be arguing for a shift to the private sector, to reduce the burden on the taxpayer and bring about a smaller state, yadda, yadda, yadda. Yet one central role of the state must remain the defence of the realm – and that must include the care of those who are responsible in the most tangible way for that defence. Not a penny should be spared for those who were ready to stake their lives for this country and our freedom.

It was not inappropriate that we were in the same room which had hosted, two nights before, a reception by the Free Society protesting the infringement of our freedoms in the seemingly minor yet symbolic fields of smoking and drinking. Now we were hearing about those who have risked everything to win and preserve those freedoms and more.


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