Vir Cantium

I'm right, you know …


In common with many other southern softies, this blogger may have given the impression in the past (to various people over conference drinks) that Blackpool was a dreadful conference venue, a tired old resort, with bad weather, tacky atmosphere and poor options for eating out. Comments such as “Blackpool … Las Vegas with 40 watt bulbs” and “wow look, a hotel with colour TV” may have given the impression that we were not entirely sold on Blackpool as a destination for the Party’s conference.

However, following the election of a Conservative council and a perusal of hotel prices in central Birmingham, we now accept that, in fact, the good residents of this fine town are a politically astute and sound body of people, that it is probably the best seaside venue in Christendom, steeped in history, displaying an eclectic cultural mix and vibrant nightlife, shining as a beacon of cabaret family entertainment. Furthermore it is a tragedy that the Party will not be returning here in 2009 and we urge David Cameron to right this terrible wrong.


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