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Brown rules out Autumn Election.

Well who’d have thought it?

A new political club is being formed today, to which many will claim to be members, regardless of whether they have actually been through the initiation process. It is, of course, the “No Snap Election – I Told You So” club.

PMQs will be interesting, and Gordon Brown will have to face all manner of chicken references. The other side of the Christmas/New Year break, however, this will be largely forgotten by the electorate at large. It won’t be forgotten by the media, though, and for most observers the PM is now required to prove he is not a lame duck.

What is also clear from this week is that Brown is indeed having problems with the difficult second album. His latest offering last Tuesday, “I’ll Bring The Boys Home”, left fans disgruntled as it turned out to be a poor remix of an earlier work – as were half the tracks on his debut album in fact, despite having had ten years to work on his demo tapes. As we now enter prossibly the longest General Election campaign for some decades, the pressure is on Gordon to come up with some new tricks and stunts. After all, as the old saying goes, oppositions don’t win elections – governments lose them.

BTW, I told you so. (Sort of.)


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