Vir Cantium

I'm right, you know …

Shall I Count The Ways…

Reasons why it’s been a good weekend

  1. He will be in power when as the economy goes gets more pear-shaped. Well, they wouldn’t have put their hands up if the Conservatives were in and the housing market went belly-up would they?
  2. Ming the Useless stays as Lib Dem leader for a couple more years
  3. The media have woken up to the fact that Brown treated them like chumps. Regardless of who among the electorate remembers this weekend, the hacks won’t.
  4. It bodes well for Boris
  5. No election in dirty November weather
  6. Lots of fun doing predictions on electoralcalculus. There, Martin Baxter’s number-cruncher gives the Conservatives the largest number of seats and the Lib Dems have … no seats at all. Zero, zilch, nul points, etc.

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