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So, Farewell Ming

Ming has gone. Indeed, gone such that no-one has seen him since the deed was done last night. At least we Conservatives still see IDS around and about. I suppose we will now be treated to some plodding media coverage of the leadership battle between the titans of Chris Huhne and Nick Clegg as they struggle for control of the levers of power and …..

Sorry. Nodded off there for a bit.

Let’s analyse the state of the LibDems: should they lurch to the left to go for the softer target of Labour, or carry on the increasingly tougher option of winning over Tory voters (or rather, stopping the leeching of votes back to the Conservatives). Either way, for a normal political party, the sheer forces would be fatal, but this the LibDems, and political principles are some way down the agenda below acting as a de facto “none of the above” on the ballot paper.

As in 2005, the Lib Dem may see better results where they can present an alternative to Labour. In fact, as in every election since who cares when, they will simply be a dustbin for the votes of every voter disaffected with the government of the day but who can’t bring themselves to vote for the real opposition (that’s the Official opposition – the ones who actually are shadow ministers, secretaries of state, etc.).

Libs will no doubt still be deluding themselves with their 2005 result, yet they must realise that as the drawdown of troops from Iraq continues, and with Blair off the stage, the problems of Mesopotamia will drop down voters’ priority lists. Thus the only serious trick that the Libs ever had to play in recent times will soon be worthless.

And so they will return to the comfort of the familiar – whining about a lack of airtime and wishing for the chance when they might get to fiddle the electoral system in their favour (so that they go from being a minority party to being, errrm, a minority party with a minister or two).

I guess this is my last chance to use that photo again.

Ming contemplates


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