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It’s Not My Fault

It’s Society’s fault that I have just scoffed this jammy dodger with my cuppa, and may supplement it with a Ginsters’ pasty from the corner shop when I take the dog out shortly.

In a way, though, the report’s findings – that many obese people cannot help themselves – are correct, but maybe not for the reasons it states.

If you accept that the state should take on the responsibility of your healthcare, then too many people will interpret that as relieving them of the responsibility for the condition of their own health. It also gives justification for government to take an unnatural interest in what we do with our own bodies and in our own private lives.

PieSo, should we be looking at more radical means of how we pay for state healthcare? Should the “premium” that we are charged for state health cover more closely reflect how well we look after ourselves, as private medical cover does?

Of course, some would criticise such moves as health fascism and more stealth taxation, but that is more a reflection of how abused and ineffective the system has been to date … and the fact that no genuine opt-out exists for non-emergency medical treatment on the state. Sure you can go private, but without a genuine opt-out for non-emergency treatment you just end up paying twice for your healthcare.

Moving on from what was developing into a dangerous line of thought for a loyal Conservative … one problem with reports like today’s is that it does make things even more difficult for the minority who do genuinely have a medical reason for their obesity.

Anyway, Society is now forcing me to think about lunch. Or is it all the fault of the evil Maggie Thatch? Or BushHitler? Now I’m losing track.


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