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Not a good week for Islam

Not a good week for Islam (again).

The Gibbons case in Sudan has brought a welcome condemnation from the Muslim Council of Britain, which claims to represent the Muslim community in Britain. They are “appalled” and have demanded that Mrs Gibbons be released. I agree. They then continue:

“This is a disgraceful decision and defies common sense. There was clearly no intention on the part of the teacher to deliberately insult the Islamic faith,” (my italics)

I must say, that does rather imply that had she deliberately set out to insult Islam then the MCB would be happy to see her whipped. It is sad that the MCB isn’t criticising the principle of a criminal code which includes an offence of insulting a religion.

Not that I would condone someone in an Islamic country going out of their way to insult the religion – but I say that simply on the basis that it is bad manners in a foreign country not to respect (to a point) the host culture. I certainly, though, do think that criminalising blasphemy is one more step on a slippery slope – the next stage being criminalising political dissent. Why should insulting a religion be any worse then insulting someone’s politics?

But of course, Sudan isn’t exactly a haven of free speech or defender of human rights, is it?


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