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The Donorgate thing

So during my blogging holiday the whole donorgate thing has erupted. Frankly, plenty has been said already elsewhere, but I might as well have my two pennorth.

What is interesting is how Mr Abrahams (or whatever he’s calling himself this month) is not exactly jumping to his party’s defence – to the contrary, he seems to be carefully stirring the contents of the pot just at the right moment – like last weekend when he pointed out how many Labour officials & politicos really knew about his (ahem) perfectly innocent and well-intentioned yet elaborate scheme to hide his donating efforts to the party.

Could it be that he is not really a Brown fan? That the end of the Labour government is going to happen anyway, so let’s get it overwith? It can’t be that he still harbours resentment over his own short lived time as a parliamentary candidate for Labour. Perhaps his loyalty to the party these days only lasted as long as the period until a certain development got the go-ahead? Or is it just that he has discovered just how nasty Labour can get once you’ve outlived your usefulness.

All this, of course, is great fun to watch, especially for more seasoned Conservatives who had been through the dark days of the mid-Nineties when nothing went right for the party. John Major could have personally discovered the cure for all cancer but still the floating voters wouldn’t have given a fig and the media would have been more interested in the latest details of David Mellor’s sexual exploits.

Except it may not turn out so fun if the events are made to play into the hands of those who would imbezzle apply taxpayers’ money into state funding of political parties. It is the standard response of some groups of politicians that is something is going wrong, then it must be nationalised because the state always does such a better job of it. And so, when Labour donations are drying up because the party is haemorrhaging members, nationalisation of party politics is seen as the easy option.

No, no, no. As it happens, I’m not sure how much appetite there is among Labour activists either for it – especially when someone mentions the possibility of the BNP getting their hands on any funding. Would it not be ironic when a neo-fascist party proves a major factor in preventing yet another small but unwarranted expansion of the state?


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