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Nationalisation will save us all

So nationalisation of Northern Rock is still on the cards, despite many good reasons not to. Look on the bright side, though – it’ll give us something to sell once we get back in power.

Also interesting and deserving of a proper fisking (if only I had time!) is the BBC’s “Q&A: Nationalisation”. Predictably, coming from a state-owned organisation, much of it seems to have been written with the benefit of rose-tinted glasses. Just as an example:

What is the point [of nationalisation]?
Many of these industries had fallen into a decrepit state by the time they were nationalised. One reason for taking them over was precisely to keep them going rather than see them fold.

Some may have been struggling, because of poor management. Some may have been struggling because the government had already done a fine job of running them into the ground (e.g. the railways during the war). Many, however, were nationalised because of misguided post-war socialist dogma.

And of course, after they were nationalised, they all became shining examples of efficiency and innovation and went on to conquer the world and prove that Britain was still the economic powerhouse …. errrm, nurse!


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