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Those evil rich capitalists have been at it again, brothers!

Tax avoidance by corporations and individuals costs the exchequer £25bn a year, according to the TUC.

The trade union umbrella body said its research found that wealthy individuals had legally avoided £13bn while corporations had avoided £12bn.

Socialist cobblers.

The TUC has found one of the few members of the accountancy profession who thinks tax is good, Richard Murphy, (the one who thinks that accountants who help their clients save tax are acting unethically), to come up with the idea that something you never had somehow equates to a “cost”. No, seriously, this man is an accountant. I feel ashamed for my kind. Look, I don’t have a Bugatti Veyron (yet). That doesn’t mean that someone who does have one has cost me £800,000+.

What these evil tax avoiders are doing is legal. It doesn’t “cost” the Treasury. Me breaking into a cash machine would cost the bank £x,000. The Treasury getting its revenue estimates wrong is not “costing” the Exchequer anything, beyond perhaps the salaries of those who drew up the figures based on the strange assumption hat people actually like to pay more tax than they have to.

If the government is finding its spending not being covered by revenue, then we are back to the debate about higher taxes vs cutting out waste and reducing the size of government. No prizes for guessing which option yours truly would go for. The silver bullet of screwing a tiny minority of individuals and companies has never worked and won’t now. If it’s worth £25bn to them, you can bet they’ll up sticks and move abroad and keep their pips well out of squeaking range.


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