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Boris Boris Boris!

I will be quite happy not to see another leaflet for delivery, or another letterbox, or another canvassing sheet for a month or two, thank you.

Now, though, the count is underway for the London elections. I guess Friday counts are much more civilised – the candidate can get something resembling sleep on election night (yeah, right) – and I assume it works out cheaper than paying election staff for unsociable hours. Even so, I would imagine it lacks the atmosphere of the early hours of a Friday morning, with results coming in from around the country. And what could kill the excitement off more effectively then an electronic count? No vote tallying as the boxes are opened and their contents spilled out onto the table? What’s a political anorak to do?

Across London, Conservatives tend to have little interest in the “top-up” consolation seats, but some pundits are predicting a seat for the BNP. I have to agree that this is, sadly, quite feasible.

The BNP polled 4.84%, just below the magic 5%, in 2004. The 2006 council results in Barking and Dagenham saw them poll the equivalent of around 7,500 votes in seven wards – extrapolated across London (though more probably focussed on the traditional “white working class” Labour areas, where BNP support is most fertile), one can see that the extra 0.16% isn’t much of a hill to climb.

Interesting times ahead.


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