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The BBC – It's What They Do

I see Croydonian had a rant in the early hours about the BBC coverage of the elections. I would like to tug his hymn sheet in my direction a bit, so that I may join in.

My preset list of favourite channels on my TV does not include BBC News 24 since I prefer the balanced/less biased coverage of Sky, but last night I did use the picture in picture feature (what will they think of next) to hop regularly between the two.

Jeremy Vine, who normally provides my cue to switch over when his patronising and condescending tones contaminate Radio 2, appeared with some ape-to-homo-sapiens graphics to illustrate the increase in the Conservative (though he probably referred to us as “Torieees”) vote over the last ten years. What was wrong with a good old bar chart?

Then I noticed that, of course, Anthony King had been dusted off and wheeled out to join the panel. The Worcester result (still NOC) came through. A minor minor disappointment in a very very good night for the Conservatives, but King was quick to cut in “A very bad result for the Conservatives, they were expected to take that easily” – or words to that effect. Maybe he was right, but his past form shows that he is happiest using his “expert” soapbox to spin the “Tories are crashing and burning” whenever possible.

Why do the BBC allow such a clearly biased yet officially impartial observer on the air?

It’s OK – I’m only kidding – that wasn’t a serious question.

In the interest of balance, though, I preferred the BBC’s convention of declaring gains/losses based on a comparison to the council make-up on the morning of polling day, rather than what happened four years ago, a la Sky, but that still doesn’t justify the Beeb extorting their subscription from me licence fee.

Update: I missed Vine’s farcical performance referred to by Mike Smithson … fortunately.


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