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So Boris is in, but the good news for the Conservatives continued (almost) through to the assembly results.

Having yesterday dismissed our chances of gaining any top-up seats, I must happily breakfast on humble pie today and congratulate our three new London-wide members, including former Conservative nomination hopefuls Andrew Boff and Victoria Borwick, and Bexley councillor Gareth Bacon. The LibDems won’t be in party mood though – they lost 2 of their five list members, and were hammered even more than Labour across the capital, suffering a swing to the Conservatives of 5.5% (based on the constituency vote). The swing from Labour was 1.5%.

The biggest individual hit suffered by the LibDems was in Bexley & Bromley where James Cleverly scored a 10.2% swing, as well as chalking up a record and thumping 75,000 majority. Labour’s worst swing was 6.6% in Havering & Redbridge where old hand Roger Evans tightened the Conservative grip.

The one sour note was the loss of Bob Blackman in Brent & Harrow, where the Labour candidate squeaked in, no doubt on the strength of being on Livingstone’s home patch.

The headlines are focussing on Boris’ historic victory – which will be a relief to the LibDems who have struggled to make any mark on Thursday. Yesterday Nick Clegg said that the local election results were “regaining momentum”. He’s not wrong – after all, he didn’t specify in what direction the momentum was going!


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