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Vow to Fight

Sometimes one might find an MP, particularly in a marginal seat, “vowing to fight” (it’s always a vow isn’t it?) something his or her own government or Prime Minister is doing. If done properly, it is usually tolerated by their colleagues, who will sympathise with the MP’s position and tend to see it as for the greater good of the party – keeping that constituency in the fold.

Not so often do we see the reverse – a Prime Minister vowing to fight something his own underlings are doing. Then again, it is just keeping the tradition going – after all, his seat in number 10 is hardly safe.

Of course, in truth he is fighting something that he did (at least with Tony) some years back when they created the half-baked mess that is the current constitutional set-up of the United Kingdom. At this rate we could well end up with a fully federated UK … would that be so much worse than where we are at the moment?


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