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Crewe and Nantwich – A Few Random Thoughts

Firstly, of course, well done to Edward Timpson and the team. Looks like Samantha Cameron has some competition.

Credit to the good people of Crewe and Nantwich for their patience and good judgement, including the dozens I phoned up last night, of which only three complained about the phone calls and the dead trees being pushed through their letterboxes.

Needless to say, I am more than happy for Labour members to carry on arguing for the next two years about whether it’s the policies (and if so, whether they can make things better) or Gordon Brown (can they ditch him in time), or whether they’re not left wing enough, centrist enough, or whether they should just accept the inevitable and plan for 2014/18.

Equally happy I am for Lib Dems to continue deluding themselves that they didn’t do too badly … they really are seriously patting themselves on the back for avoiding the squeeze and achieving a swing from Labour (even though they lost 4% off their vote share).

Note to Labour members: no matter how much you screw your faces up (though it may just be in pain), Hiro Nakamura is a fictional character, you can’t really turn back time to last October and call a General Election after all.

So, can we get on with Henley now please.


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