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Harrumphreys Indignation Makes Good Radio

A gold star this morning to Daniel Kawczynski MP who appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme ostensibly to talk about his idea for a bank holiday to recognise the contribution of Poles to British life. On the face of it, and so it must have seemed to the producers of Today, a good liberal piece in the usual immigration-is-good-for-society vein.

Kawczynski, however, while making the case for his idea, then delivered a series of left right hooks to John Humphrys, who could be heared harrumphing indignantly in the background. Daniel, you see, had emerged from his Trojan Horse to complain about the “liberal elite” at the BBC who seem to use Polish immigration – “white Christians” as he pointed out – to highlight immigration as an issue instead of talking more about the majority of (non-white) immigrant peoples, which might lead the BBC down a more controversial and less politically correct path of analysis. Kawczynski suggested that such coverage has led to an increase in racist attacks on Poles.

To hear Humphreys almost audibly choking on his piety quite made my morning, and it might yours too. Listen again here, the interview is around 2hrs 24m in.


One response to “Harrumphreys Indignation Makes Good Radio

  1. Joseph (Maastricht, The Netherlands June 4, 2008 at 5:51 pm

    Mr Kawczynski said exactly what most people are thinking, the ‘Liberal Political Elite’ at the BBC are a disgrace to the BBC’s charter which mentions impartiality, clearly the BBC only follows this guideline when it comes to Islam, when it comes to Catholics & Jews the BBC behaves like the propaganda department of Hamas or Hezbollah.

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