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Rough Men Stand Ready to Do Violence …

… so that people like actor Rupert Everett can denigrate them using the luxury of the freedom that they and their predecessors have given us.

I somehow missed the original piece in the Sunday Telegraph, and it’s only Everett’s weasily “apology” that drew my attention to the ridiculous remarks.

According to Everett soldiers are

“… always whining about the dangers of being killed. Oh my God, they are such wimps now!

“… The whole point of being in the Army is going to war and getting yourself blown up. That and p—ing on prisoners.”

On the suggestion that soldiers are motivated by a sense of duty:

“No, you do it because you are a nasty, jammy —t and you want to p— on everyone. That’s what drew you to the Army and that’s what they pay you for. They pay you to tie up prisoners and attach electrodes to their nipples and testicles and p— on them.”

Whatever the “apology”, he has clearly revealed that he is of the sort of base opinion that comes from too long spent inside the liberal left bubble, where the contempt for those who give the orders is extended to those who carry them out. Of course, some will compare that to the “Nuremburg defence” – which would be about right, if you are the sort who compares Blair and Bush (neither of whom, I would admit, are without sin) to Hitler and genuinely believes it.

Next thing you know, he’ll be coming out with some uber-luvvie claptrap about how tough is the life of a thespian.

Oh, here it is …

So he was never curious about testing his courage on the battlefield? “You can do that on stage.” Without bullets? “Oh, but there are! Critics can kill.” Hardly the same. “It is the same! Exactly the same!”

The greatest irony, though, was in one sentence earlier in the interview, when Everett says:

“Now what do you get in the Army? Bad helmets and Basra. Your guns don’t work and everyone hates you when you come back.”

And where do you think that contempt for the armed forces comes from? Could it be the sort of idiots who think it’s fair game to attack the rough men under whose protection we sleep peaceably in our beds?


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