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The EU Plays the Black Knight

EU Ministers are to meet, following the Irish rejection of the EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty to decide how to fudge it the way forward.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - The Black KnightI haven’t seen yet whether odds are being offered on some communiqué along the lines of “we hope the Irish people are suitably ashamed of themselves and we have told them to go away and think hard about what they’ve done and then say yes in a second referendum.” Or words to that effect.

Otherwise, the EU is rather resembling Monty Python’s Black Knight in the Holy Grail. It may not have yet lost all its limbs, but under EU rules it might as well have done. Then again, as the rather savvier French, Spanish and most other EU nations know, EU rules are there for decoration, with only us mugs here in the UK actually taking much notice of them.

Expect the re-education of the good people of Eire to begin forthwith.


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