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Ray Lewis’ Hard Lesson in Politics

So Ray Lewis has resigned. His resignation statement spoke of the “drip drip” of “unfounded allegations”. Sorry Ray, that’s politics. However, I genuinely hope he is able to continue his good work with young people outside the Mayor’s Office.

No doubt the Labour opposition at City Hall are crowing, but they should be aware that they are still in the early days of opposition, where it is easy to assume that such “victories” might seem to herald the beginning of the end, and that a contrite electorate will shuffle back to the fold thoroughly ashamed of themselves for having doubted you.

They should remember, though, that the Bernie Ecclestone affair barely put a dent in Tony Blair’s fortunes so early in his premiership, and so it is with Boris (not that one could compare the substance of the two episodes). Interesting though it is that Labour should be attacking Boris for opting for a cabinet style of government in London, the Mayor should take a lesson from this episode, including that of carrying out proper vetting of potential team members, and come out of it stronger. As it is, Boris was decisive but fair in his reaction to the first “drips” of allegations – it seems he had already learnt from the James McGrath affair, where many thought he had over-reacted.

In four years time, what will the electorate remember: the Ray Lewis episode, or the eight years of Livingstone that Boris has spent four years’ putting right?


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