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Gordon Opens a Can of Worms, and Tells Us Not To Waste Them

Times are tough, waste not want not, there’s a war on you know, so Gordon has told us to stop wasting so much food.

To have the government lecture anyone on waste is somewhat akin to another Gordon, of the Ramsey clan, telling us to stop swearing. Really, though. we should all be concerned when any politician of the Left starts to “suggest” how we should be living our lives. The next stages usually involve a racheting up of control, using all or any of the following justifications:

(a) to save the taxpayer money (e.g. reducing the burden on the NHS / welfare state)

(b) to ensure “fairness”. This will usually be preceded by statistics showing the poor deprived disadvantaged socially excluded are disproportionately harmed by food wastage (ideally presented in the guise of a report by a favourite left-wing “charity”)

And of course, this being the early 21st Century …

(c) to combat “climate change”. Cue breast beating about food miles, possibly with the ironic timing of coming a week after another argument between the EU and African nations over free trade.

With luck, however, the can of worms that Gordon has opened will turn around and bite him in the proverbial, with noble members of the press digging up stories of government ministers wasting vast quantities of vol-au-vents and some wag noting the amount thrown out by Parliamentary canteens.


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