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Glasgow East result: Conservatives’ 10% swing from Labour!

In this far flung corner of the Kingdom (the Kent/London borders), I couldn’t get much further from the action in Glasgow East, so I will confine myself to noting that, although our vote remained fairly static, we jumped into third place ahead of the Libs.

I must also mention, of course, Lib Dem style, that in the sometimes strange alternative universe that electoral statistics can create, we achieved a thumping 9.8% swing from Labour! Woo-hoo! Winning here!

Seriously though, well done to our girl Davena Rankin, who has been well and truly “bloodied” in one of toughest possible seats to stand as a Conservative.

What does it mean for Gordon Brown? Well, as an expert in Scottish politics I would say … pressure on Gordon Brown … men in grey suits … joke about men in white coats … ruin his holiday … moves to unseat him before conference … attempt to weather the storm … needs to listen.

There that’ll do. Just rearrange randomly and you have your ready made pundit’s guide to the aftermath of Glasgow East.


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