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Cricket and the Olympics

What a week of sport lies ahead of us! The Cricket and the Olympics. Despite the 2012 games being held in London, we seem to have missed the opportunity to push to get cricket adopted as an Olympic sport, even though more people play it than rounders baseball, for which Lords is to be dug up in four years’.

But which one to follow? One, though occasionally and historically mired in political and diplomatic argument, is a popular international sporting event preceded by some hype and a vain hope of national success, with those hopes falsely raised by occasional flashes of fine sporting prowess, yet more often than not concluding with the traditional deflation that is associated with so much British sport as we crash to another disappointing result.

The other is the Olympics.

UPDATE 15/8:

My thanks to commenter Dogevpr2 (catchy name) who brings to our attention. It’s on the sidelinks now. I suspect we are too close to the 2012 games now to succeed there, but 2016 could surely be possible.


One response to “Cricket and the Olympics

  1. Dogevpr2 August 12, 2008 at 6:06 am is doing something about the missed opportunty -it has a Petition to get cricket into the Olympics. They intend to get signatures, generate a buzz, create discussions about the inclusion of cricket in the 2012 Olympics in
    England, birthplace of this great sport. Come out of your shell cricket we must be on
    the biggest world stage – performing ! Let’s sign the petition at

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