Vir Cantium

I'm right, you know …

We Shouldn't Laugh

Actually … yes, we should.

Birmingham, hosts to the 2008 Conservative Party Conference, can’t recognise its own skyline from that of its State side namesake. The Birmingham (West Midlands) Post has been following the story. The Mayor of Birmingham Alabama has taken the opportunity to point out that much could be gained from the two cities building closer relations, mixed up skylines or not.

As an English Southerner, (Birmingham (W. Mids) being in The North) I could make comments about the two cities both being the subject of stereotypes of slow-witted sorts who talk with funny accents, but that would be totally unfair … that some staff at the City Council are slow witted is clear, and some of them surely have Brummie accents, but I’m not sure that would apply to the good burghers of Birmingham AL.

So, just so I’ve got his right: in September when I go to party conference, do I change at Marylebone or JFK?


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