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The End is Upon Us

I haven’t done precise scientific measurements, but I have a random hunch that the runner beans in the garden are 3mm shorter than they were at the same time every previous year that we have been in our house (4 years).

So, with our runner beans now growing at the slowest rate on record, this must be a sign of the effects of global warming. We are all going to die. Get out now while you can and think of the children.

Ok, maybe a bit too silly, but then again

A number of UK bird species are laying eggs significantly earlier than they were 40 years ago, a report reveals.

A conservation coalition’s report says some finches, robins and tits are all laying earlier and puts this down to warming caused by climate change.

The RSPB said birds were having to respond to climate change to survive.

It must be the silly season when that fact that species are adapting to an ever changing environment is deemed to be news. Do supporters of the man-made climate change doctrine not realise that this sort of thing is starting to do their cause more harm than good?

Not that I am in any way suggesting that man-made global warming is not a real and incontrovertible truth that only loonies and the big bad evil oil companies could possibly doubt. After all, everybody knows that the statistics of the “hockey stick” are totally sound.


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