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Don't Crow Too Soon

Guido is making much of the timing of Tim Parker’s departure from City Hall earlier this week, given the fact that the following day, Boris apparently accepted the tube unions’ demands for a rather generous pay rise. Boris has “caved in” to Bob Crow and his comrades, they say. The Lefties are crowing (sorry) reckoning that their predictions/wishes for Boris to screw up are coming true, though how accepting a deal made by an arch lefty like Crow counts as screwing up, from another Lefty’s viewpoint, is not clear.

Yet the same was no doubt said about Mrs Thatcher (are we still supposed to talk about her?) in 1981, when she “gave in” to the miners unions, knowing that the time was not right and a good general, whenever possible, chooses his battles.

And we all know how Arthur Scargill ended up four years’ later.

There is a significant proportion of Londoners, including many who voted Conservative for the first time in voting for Boris, who would not appreciate those who forced them into the midst of a Tube strike, whichever side those protagonists were on. Boris knows this and I suspect feels that there are more pressing priorities in the first couple of years of the administration (and before a General Election).

As for Mr Parker? A shame that he has stood down, but in four years time I doubt anyone will remember this minor episode. Already, you would be hard pushed to find someone, outside the SE1 bubble, who remembers the names of James McGrath or Ray Lewis. In 2012, as the Olympics loom people will be judging Boris by what he has achieved, not how frequently the plastic name plates outside some offices in City Hall might have changed around this summer.


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