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Rather Rambling Blog Post, Going Forward

I have been contacted by a salesman trying to sell me fee protection insurance. All well and good, except he was from some company called “C C Haitch”. Now I’ve heard of CCH, as have many in my and other professions, but CC Haitch was a new one.

You will note that he had already hit on one of my pet hates. And this after I have only just calmed down after health cover company HSA’s recent ad campaign (Haitch S A = Hey, Just Say! Oh, how clever that must have seemed when they pitched it.)

Never mind. At the end of his spiel, he offered to get me a quote “going forward”. That was a relief – I had always been worried, when shopping around for insurance, that I might end up with a quote going backwards, which rather defeats the purpose of insurance, you’d think.

Anyway, I’m off now to hunt down some errant apostrophe’s. (You can take the boy out of the grammar school, but you can’t take the grammar school out of the boy.)


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