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We’re Doomed

Dad's Army's Private Fraser "We're Doomed"

"We're Doomed"

So on the busiest week of the year for holiday traffic, someone though it would be a super idea to put up some roadworks on the A303. Just as the South-East, having decamped to the West Country returns home, they were digging up one of the main trunk routes. An hour in tailbacks, and we were travelling at night. To be fair, in an odd departure from the traditional road work set-up, they were actually working.

One could give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it was emergency road works, but more likely it is just a way of nature reminding us that the holidays are nearly over and things will be downhill from here.

Much the same philosophy that underpins, I suspect, Alistair Darling’s arrival on Planet Earth with the warning that we are entering the worst economic period for sixty years. (Why 60 years?)

This possible exercise in expectations management – a switch from the “at least it’s not as bad as under the evil Thatcher” line – could be one side of a double-edged strategy. The other may have more to do with the Labour party’s internal ructions. Is Alistair looking to undermine his boss by singing from a clearly non-conformist hymn sheet?


One response to “We’re Doomed

  1. UK Voter September 1, 2008 at 12:45 pm

    I find it difficult to criticise Alistair Darling for daring to come out and say what the rest of us knew, but his government in general and his leader in particular failed to tell us. That we were in a very deep mess and it would be some considerable time before we go through it.

    It is possible that Alistair Darling was either tired of being Gordon Brown’s fall guy and puppet, or that he believed he should jump before he was pushed, either way at least he came out and admitted it. A small redeeming feature for a little man who must have seen he was being handed the poison chalice by the man who had mixed the potion.

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