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The Eighties Revisited

The Eighties was the coolest decade, says “a survey”. It does seem that retro fashions – musical, clothing and so on, seem to typically hark back about twenty years. It’s not uncool to like Abba now (helped of course, by the Mamma Mia musical – but then would that have been so successful were it not for the retro thing?) I seem to recall the Seventies being back in a few years ago (ELO rock!) – although with another minor resurgence thanks to “Life on Mars”.

Anyway, also revealed in the survey was the view that Live Aid was the best thing people liked about the Eighties. This first in a continuing series of such gigs, most recently manifesting itself in the western liberal guilt-fest that was Live Earth, actually gives the lie to the oft-quoted “fact” that the Eighties was a selfish decade. The Left like to paint Mrs Thatcher’s years as personified by a handful of barrow-boys-made-good waving their dosh in the air at City wine bars. I’m sure there were such characters (and good for them) but to suggest that the population of these isles suddenly lost their natural human compassion for their fellow beings, at the instigation of the evil Thatch, is utter socialist twaddle. Live Aid was the proof.


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