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Right Wing Comedy

It’s not a phrase you hear too often, at least on this side of the Atlantic. For many, it typically conjures up images of Bernard Manning or worse (if that’s possible). That is probably a function of the strange hegemony of the Left in comedy, particularly satirical comedy. For a current example, each week on the BBC “Mock the Week” presents us with the likes of Frankie Boyle, with his sick jokes about Mrs Thatcher’s eventual death as noted by Biased BBC. Then again, he is simply continuing a tradition started in the early Eighties when alternative comedy began.

The problem is that while the focus on broadcasters’ impartiality is often on current affairs coverage in the newsroom (for all the good the criticism does), it seems to fall by the wayside when it comes to other output, including comedy. You might wonder how such balance would be achieved – how many right wing (and funny) comedians can you think of?

Happily, Fox News, the channel the Left love to hate and sneer at*, is helping to fill the void in the States with its “Half Hour News Hour” – itself a reaction to the Daily Show (which we are also subjected to via More4).

It is like a breath of fresh air. Try these for starters:

“Gun Free Zones” – suggesting that criminals might not be too bothered about gun laws…

Then some speculation about what the 7/7 terrorists and similar people might have in common…

And then back to our starting point: “Liberal Media Bias” – “of course I’m totally neutral: Hilary, Obama, Edwards, whatever …”

Doesn’t it say something about both the thinly veiled political colours of so much of the broadcast media and the pointlessness of trying to regulate it, that to balance out the Left wing bias on our “impartial” broadcasters, we would have to look overseas to the likes of an unashamedly right-wing show like the Half Hour News Hour?

* It’s also the channel that the Left like to use to justify BBC bias (once they’ve given up trying to deny there is any). “Well I’d rather have the BBC than Fox News!” they cry. Well that’s fine, just as long as you’re happy to pay for it and I don’t have to.


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