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The Slow-motion Car Crash Continues

Sky (h/t Guido) are reporting that “a small number of Labour MPs have requested Labour leadership nomination papers”

Good stuff. Nothing substantial will come of it of course – i.e. Gordon being kicked out – which is a good thing for Conservatives (even though the Labour ship would carry on sinking quite satisfactorily, whoever was at the helm). At most this is Labour at their Anthony Meyer stage. The reality is like asking for an application form to join the Forces – it’s still a long way from actually peering over a garden wall in Helmand province while the bullets whistle past.

More mundanely, most Council groups at their AGMs will send out nomination papers for all sorts of positions. If they’re like Bromley’s Conservative Group, those papers will always include a nomination form for Leader. Quite often someone (usually the same person) will, each year, fill out that form in a fit of rhino-thick-skinned sado-masochism, and trigger a “leadership challenge” which does nothing more than defer the AGM finishing time by a few minutes while we go through the motions. It’s become so regular that no-one, not even the local rags, bother to comment on it anymore.

But this is for the Prime Minister’s job. Even if none of those forms are sent back, it happily sets the scene and chimes with the mood music that has been playing for some time in the media, and which will reach a crescendo in just over a week’s time.

(In the meantime, the Lib Dems are meeting at their conference, with Nick Clegg also facing questions over his leadership, but who cares?)


One response to “The Slow-motion Car Crash Continues

  1. UK Voter September 13, 2008 at 7:35 pm

    I agree, New Labour is finished, no matter who leads the party to defeat. I only wish David Cameron would try and win the next election, rather than waiting for Labour to lose it. Lets have some policies that we can latch onto and support, we need to know precisely what the conservatives stand for, if not, I think there could be quite a few independents, or minority parties gaining seats in Westminster at the next election.

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