Vir Cantium

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A Fool and Her Money…

JK Rowling has wasted donated £1m to the Labour Party.

I often wonder whether celebrity endorsement in politics is more dangerous for the party/candidate being endorsed or the celeb doing the endorsing.

There is the obvious danger for the endorsee that the celebrity will fall from grace, often at the hands of the tabloids, or will turn out as fickle as many voters and switch sides later on.

On the other hand, celebrities need to think of their own followers and fan base. How many times has an admirer of a particular actor or musician felt alienated when their idol comes out in favour of Labour, Conservatives, Obama or McCain?

Of course, it may be that these days, celebs enjoy more loyalty than politicians (perish the thought!) but just as the tide of celebrity can turn in a moment, so all those “slebs” who were happy to be seen at Number 10 in 1997 might just be wondering how much good it did to their long term careers?


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