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Goodbye Mr. Blair (The Sequel)

So now the other Blair has gone, after failing to receive the support of Mayor Boris Johnson. Livingstone has decried the move as marking a politicisation of the Commissioner’s role …. like it’s a wholly bad thing. While the Mayor may not (yet) have the explicit power of appointment or dismissal of the commissioner, today has shown that the power and influence that comes with the directly elected Mayor’s position can still have much the same effect – at least, so far, as far as an effective dismissal is concerned. It has laid down an important marker that the person directly accountable to the people of Greater London can trump the delegated authority of the Home Secretary and, perhaps more importantly, the constant of the civil service that serves her.

I’ll leave the discussions of the merits or otherwise of Sir Ian Blair’s tenure to others. A positive and powerful precedent has been set, and a clear example of real devolution has emerged.


One response to “Goodbye Mr. Blair (The Sequel)

  1. UK Voter October 3, 2008 at 10:23 am

    This man was too political and like to spend too much time in front of the TV cameras. The people of London and elsewhere want our policemen, all 167,000 of them, on the steets, not behind desks, steering wheels and above all TV cameras.

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