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Worthless Brand

OK, so that’s probably enough of a blogging holiday. Did I miss much?

One thing that I do make of point of missing is Russell Brand’s show on Radio 2, though I am a regular R2 listener. Even Ross is something I make no effort to catch. Like many others, and maybe it’s an age thing, but I cannot by any measure see how Brand is so popular – or at least popular enough among some demographic to still be on the air. The fact that “questions are being asked in the house” – or at least EDMs are being tabled – is something he will probably regard as an honour.

Iain Dale points out, validly, that the producers should also share some of the blame – but it does beg the question, what else has happened in the past which hasn’t made it on air?

While not forgetting the upset caused to Andrew Sachs and his family, there is one other aspect to this, given that OFCOM are now investigating. I’m bound to make the point that other than (a) the attitude that the listening and viewing public are somehow incapable of finding the off button and (b) (specifically for the Beeb ) the “unique way the BBC is funded”, OFCOM wouldn’t need even to exist, let alone justify its existence by ticking off Brand and Ross. Not, that is, that I would fail to delight in their comeuppance, and not that I am under any illusion that any significant sanctions are really likely to emerge from this episode.

UPDATE: Result!


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