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Borissed Off

Give them credit, at least the Kentish Times are consistent. Consistently anti-Boris … though I appreciate that they are not under the same requirement for impartiality that the likes of the BBC pretend to abide by.

Next week Boris is visiting Bromley (in ‘Metropolitan Kent’) for his first People’s Question Time. The Bromley Times has been wound up by Bromley’s Labour Leader John Getgood and have found a few random comments on the BorisWatch site – itself hardly a Boris fan-zine. Apparently the blond one is only coming to Bromley for an easy ride….

Mr Johnson received the majority of the mayoral votes in Bromley and the evening will be chaired by Conservative London Assembly Member for Bromley and Bexley, James Cleverly.

Well, James is chairing it because it’s in his constituency – that’s the convention – and Boris also received the majority of Mayoral votes in most of the London boroughs. That’s why he won. Get over it.

Maybe Cllr Getgood and the Bromley Times think Boris should ignore the largest London borough? Fair enough, they got used to being ignored by the last Mayor, but if he has to restrict himself to the boroughs that came out for Ken then it’ll be a short tour.


One response to “Borissed Off

  1. Tom November 1, 2008 at 12:40 pm

    “Fair enough, we got used to being ignored by the last Mayor”

    That’ll be a different Mayor to the one who visited the exact venue Boris is visiting next week less than two years ago for People’s Question Time, when it was chaired by Bob Neill. The transcript is on the GLA website, and is a good read.

    The argument is not that Boris shouldn’t visit Bromley, but that in choosing to do so so early and so soon after the previous visit, other areas (like Hounslow, where I live) are entitled to wonder when *any* Mayor is going to visit us. What’s so special about Bromley that it gets this lavish attention? Particularly good biscuits in the Civic Centre?

    Boris also has to restore balance by visiting a strongly Labour voting area next March, otherwise we’ll know he doesn’t give a toss about balance.

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