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Ha Blooming Ha

I saw a great comedy show this morning. It was a one-man stand-up routine, and the deadpan delivery would put Jack Dee to shame.

Here are a couple of the one-liners, delivered with a totally straight face but which had me in stitches:

  • People have an extra £120 this year as a result of a tax cut (the clever bit here is that the audience knows it was just mitigating a tax rise – clever, eh?)
  • The UK has less public debt than its G7 neighbours (of course, the joke is that it’s only because the government has swept so much debt off the balance sheet)
  • The banks should be more responsible, and not indulge in so much off balance sheet financing (hypocrisy can be funny, see?)

OK, so I guess you had to be there, and it’s never as funny when you explain the joke is it?

The name of the show was something like “Prime Ministers Monthly Press Conference” or something.


One response to “Ha Blooming Ha

  1. UK Voter November 11, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    Gordon Brown is a master of smoke and mirrors and simply doesn’t answer any questions, at least not the one’s he is asked. I would like to see the ‘other’ parties actually publicise the real public sector borrowing, including Northern Rock and the contingent liabilities asociated with PFI’s and the public sector pensions. That said, David Cameron has painted himself into a corner with his austerity speech, I hope he can find a way out of that mess, given he is allowing Gordon Brown to hoodwink the public again.

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