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Your Body or the State’s?

The innocuous sounding “Presumed Consent” has been given a thumbs down by the “UK Organ Donation Taskforce”. Gordon Brown, though, ever the authoritarian statist, is threatening to change the law anyway if the publicity campaign doesn’t produce the right result.

Quite how he expects to do this from the opposition back-bench, or House of Lords is left unanswered, as the assessment of the success of the campaign won’t be until at least 2010 and may be after 2013.

What it does mean is that my party will have to prove that we really are on the side of individual freedom and make clear, as with ID cards, that a Conservative government will scrap any plans for presumed consent.


One response to “Your Body or the State’s?

  1. UK Voter November 18, 2008 at 1:14 pm

    I agree, lets have David Cameron come out and assert right now, that the state does not and should never claim to own our bodies after death, even if they do seek to control our lives during our natural lifetime.

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