Vir Cantium

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We Are Saved. Not.

So, thanks goodness for Alistair Darling. A few tax breaks of dubious effectiveness which we will be paying for, with interest in a couple of years’ time. He has seen fit to lend our own money to us for a couple of years. That’ll help. Not.

And increasing the employers’ national insurance contributions just as (if we’re optimistic) unemployment starts to fall – very sensible. Not.

Increasing fuel duties to offset the VAT reduction, which I’m sure he plans to reverse itself when the VAT rate goes back up. Not.

Increasing fuel duties, in fact, so that the costs built into zero-rated VAT food increase, helping those struggling with household bills. Not.

He’s allowing loss relief to be carried back three years which, for companies, just partially reverses a negative change made by Labour not so long ago. The tax rise for small companies is being deferred, not scrapped, note.


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