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A Planely Stupid Waste of CO2

I’m not sure if Plane Stupid is just the name of the organisation or also a summary of its membership qualifications, complete with bad spelling. It does seem, though, that apart from being little more than yobs with a thin excuse for their yobbery, they are also not very good at thinking.

Their website is crowing that 21 flights were cancelled this morning and many, presumably, had to be diverted, using up more fuel and producing more CO2 in the process. Diverted flights will cause longer journeys for those passengers to get home – yet more CO2. And of course, most o fhte passengers on those cancelled flights will simply be flying out at another time, so no CO2 saving there.

Presumably, now that aircraft will be in the wrong place, other ‘planes will have to be flown in from elsewhere to plug the gaps in the schedules: more CO2.

So, given that the protests won’t make a jot of difference to the aviation industry, other than seeing BAA tighten up the security and RyanAir’s legal department taking a few hours out of putting up the Christmas decorations, the net effect of the protest, even in the longer run, will be a brief upward blip in CO2 emissions.

Another blow for the planet! Well done, people.

Now buzz off and get yourselves a job/life/girlfriend.


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