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Monthly Archives: January 2009

RIP The Bearded Wonder

Bill has dotted his final scoresheet.

P.S. Those who don’t know what I’m on about should find themselves a proper sport to follow.


Down and Downe We Go

Guido has the latest episodes in the long running series of Gordon Brown the Jonah, who brings a curse upon any company, institution or person he visits. This week it’s Honda and Velux, the poor blighters. Of course, that all pales into insignificance compared to the jinx he’s put on the whole country since Summer 2007. Mr Fawkes does also remind us that Tinkling Gordon has also been to Sellafield. Gulp. Anyone remember the chilling ending to the film The Medusa Touch, where Richard Burton’s character’s evil telekinesis is turned on Windscale (as Sellafield then was)?

In county news, the bid to have Down House and the surrounding area designated a World Heritage Site has been endorsed by the Government, in this the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s “On The Origin of Species …”. I just hope that Brown doesn’t feel the need to visit Downe to lend his “support”.

The BBC Couldn't Do "Impartial" If It Tried … And It Has

The BBC is continuing to resist pressure over its decision not to air an appeal for aid to Gaza.

I come at this from a slightly different angle to most of the more prominent and professional commentators. I think the BBC’s coverage of the Gaza episode was abysmal. It was one-sided (anti-Israeli) and sloppy (talking of “Palestinian” dead without distinguishing between Hamas people and the genuinely innocent victims). Of course, we’re used to that, which made me (almost) laugh at this line from the BBC itself:

Director general Mark Thompson has said by airing the appeal the BBC would risk reducing public confidence in its impartial coverage of the conflict.

He should be on the stage, that Mr Thompson.

What it shows is that even when the BBC does try to be impartial, it get is wrong. The truth is, the BBC clearly doesn’t now how to do “impartial”.

The BBC should air the DEC thing and let people decide for themselves whether they trust the charities more than, say, the EU which has been pumping “aid” to Hamas for ages now, and in which we have no choice.