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So, We Should Have Let Him In Then

Chris Grayling, drawing the short straw yesterday, gave the party’s statement on Geert Wilders’ being banned from the UK.

“… If Geert Wilders has expressed views that represent a threat to public security, then we support the ban….”

Well, I’ve watched the film. Some of the scenes aren’t pretty, but one hardly expects Blue Peter*.

Having watched it, I still can’t see any threat to public security … at least eminating from Mr Wilders or his film. Since I assume the relevant members of my party’s front bench have seen it before commenting on it (a reasonable assumption), then the condition of us supporting the ban has not been met.

So why couldn’t we just say so?

*Don’t say I didn’t warn you: There are some gruesome scenes in there, definitely not for the faint-hearted.


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