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Freedom and Whisky (used to) Gang Thegither

If I were running an off licence anywhere near, but south of, the border with Scotland I would be wondering what all this “recession” fuss is about, especially given the latest news from the land of whisky:

Measures to tackle alcohol abuse by stopping cut-price offers have been outlined by the Scottish Government.

It has proposed a range of measures including the radical step of a minimum price per unit. It would be the first country in Europe to take the step

So, because of a weak-willed and small-brained few, the majority of decent folk in Scotland must pay more for their tipple?  I just don’t get it. When and why did Scotland become so fascist? Less hysterically, perhaps, and more generally, why does Scotland seem so vulnerable to socialist tendencies? The poor buggers have the choice, of the main parties, between Labour (lefty), Lib Dems (leftier), SNP (nationalist-socialist) or Conservative.

Is it the decades of blaming the English for their ills rather than getting up and making something of themselves? One wouldn’t have thought so: Scots played a signifcant part in building the British Empire and the Industrial Revolution. Yet Socialism thrives on victims and victimhood – a Scotland that was proud to stand alongside England would not be such a fertile ground for the envy-mongers.

Anyway, went off on a bit of a tangent there. If you want me I’ll be at the cash-and-carry loading up the van with booze. Should make Leith by dawn…


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