Vir Cantium

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Who's Nasty Now?

Am I the only one who is left with a nasty taste in the mouth over the Fred Goodwin saga? Quiet apart from the convenient smokescreen it creates for the government (and which, I admit, I’m probably helping by this post), the whole controversy is being stoked up by appealing to one of the nastiest aspects of human nature: envy.

Yes, I can accept the incongruence between the pay-off and the mess that Sir Fred led RBS into, but a contract is a contract. For Harriet Harman to blithely talk of the “Court of Public Opinion” (that’s mob rule to you and me) as somehow overriding contract law is little better than some bitter old socialist encouraging to mob to trash expensive cars and houses out of sheer class hatred. Then again, isn’t socialism’s appeal essentially based on just that, albeit dressed up as concern over “social justice”? Bringing down the rich, not helping up the poor (to adapt Lincoln’s fine quote)? Sneering at success (Goodwin excepted, if you like), instead of encouraging ambition?


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