Vir Cantium

I'm right, you know …

Fish. Barrel. Shooting.

Not to sound harsh towards David Cameron, but I do look forward to PMQs (as only a true political anorak can) when DC is away, for we are treated then to Hague vs Harman.

Today’s match hasn’t disappointed. ConHome had the running commentary and Jonathan Isaby’s round up is pretty accurate. Hague wiped the floor with Harriet, and didn’t need the help of her giving a blatantly wrong answer later in the session to expose her as being totally out of her depth. If the Labour sisterhood are pinning their hopes on Harriet to be the next female Prime Minister, then today has shown, yet again, that she would do more harm than good to the “cause”.

Hague’s comparison of Churchill’s succeeding Chamberlain to Harman potentially taking over from Brown was masterful.

Yet one other comedy moment was when Harman tried to cite the BCCI collapse as an example of Conservative poor regulation of the financial markets. As Jeremy Clarkson might say: No, really. Next time round, expect Harman to talk about the South Sea Bubble.

Fish. Barrel. Shooting. But more fun to watch.


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