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Financial Tip: Go Long On Wheelbarrows

Cutting the base rate hasn’t worked, so, of course, the Bank of England has cut it again. And now, just to be consistent, they are trying something else that won’t work.

Quantitive easing printing money Mugabenomics will achieve one of two things:

– it won’t work, i.e. the economy will be artificially stimulated, inflation will rocket and the pound will be further devalued, or

– it won’t work, i.e. the banks will use the wet notes to bolster their balance sheets against the continuing hits they will be taking over the next year or two.

So, as history has shown time and time again that printing money doesn’t work, and as the Conservatives are the party of smaller government that recoginses that “do nothing” isn’t necessarily a pejorative description of a political philosophy, I am pleased that my party has come out firmly against the measure.

Oh, hang on…


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