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Andrew Marr's Pulped Fiction?

Guido has picked up on the recall of Andrew Marr’s book “A History of Modern Britain”.

His co-conspirators’ theories generally fall into two camps. Either:
(a) Marr’s fawning coverage of new Labour’s time in power, including such fairy stories as “an end to boom and bust”, “prudence” and “Bank of England independence”, has been pointed out to be a load of cobblers, or
(b) It’s a clever marketing ploy by Pan Macmillan to shift the remaining stock and set up some appetite for the next reprint.

My view? As Gordon Brown sends Britain back into the economic dark ages, it may just be that the title fell foul of some “trade descriptions act” or misleading advertising rules.

Wonder if he’ll mention it on his programme tomorrow morning? *

Andrew Marr - A History of Modern Britain

* Update 8/3: So it fell to the mischievous Clive Anderson, less than ten minutes in, to mention it: “You’ve got some problems with your book being pulped. Can we talk about that?” AM: “You can talk about it all you want. I can’t”

Another update: No, I’ve never heard of Erin Pizzey. Andrew Marr has though. I can’t say I particularly remember the “Angry Brigade” (of which Pizzey was once a member) but I’ve definitely heard of the Red Brigade. I’m not sure it would be wise to mix the two up, though, in these litigious days.


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