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Knowing as we all do how effective the equalities industry is at keeping itself in work, expect the worst to come, in a few years, out of this little nugget from our Scandinavian cousins:

Swedish study links height to pay

The height of Swedish men has a direct correlation to how much they earn, a new study has shown.The study, soon to be published by Kalmar University, is based on the details of 500,000 Swedish men and indicates that average pay increases in line with average height.

Professor Dan-Olof Rooth at Kalmar University has led the study which compares statistics for the men at 18 years of age and then their levels of pay when they are between 28 and 30-years-old.

The results are conclusive. The taller a person is, the higher their average pay.

“These are not small differences we have noted, on average those who are ten centimetres taller have six percent higher incomes,” Dan-Olof Rooth said to the newspaper Östran.

Of course, there are a wealth of possible reasons why this could be. One suggestion highlighted in the article is that lower heights can be indicative of a sickly childhood, and thus an interrupted education. Hmm.

Yours truly, at a shade over 6’3″ (or whatever that is in Napoleonic measurements) would postulate that it’s just that taller people are better. Ner ner ne ner ner.


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