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Is David Cameron glad that Daniel Hannan is inside the tent?

Sometimes a blogger tries to take a slightly different approach to a story or issue, or give a different but interesting angle as a point of view.

Yet with the expertly delivered verbal kicking that Daniel Hannan gave Gordon Brown this week, I can say little more than “hear hear”.

It’s not that the speech was a barnstormer – quite the opposite. It was possibly all the more effective for being a calm, measured and articulate demolition of the very foundation of Brown’s discredited approach to the recession. It’s not that what he was saying was new – many others had been saying the same thing – but here he had a chance to say it to Brown’s face. John Redwood has been prescient in his own regular dismantling of the government’s economic policy, but John, sadly, has an image problem (though I wouldn’t have thought that would stop him being on the team – Chief Sec to the Treasury perhaps?)

Famous speeches often have the benefit of good timing – and so does Hannan’s, and I’m not just referring to the digestible pop-single-length of the speech. Not only did it seem to catch a good wave on the internet, and comes just days before the G20 summit, but the attention it has drawn in the US comes just as the gloss has come off Obama’s presidency – yet before the fawning mainstream media have summoned up the guts to notice the sartorial deficiencies of The One. (Obama is less popular now than George W Bush was at the same point in his presidency.) Thus Hannan’s speech has acted as a surrogate for the frustrations and fears not only of the British public, but of many in the US too, who face near-identical problems and a leader with a near-identical blinkered and meek approach to tackling it.

If there’s one thought of my own that I’ll offer (and, such is life, it’s probably been asked already a thousand times across the blogosphere) is this:

Is David Cameron glad that Daniel Hannan is inside the tent?


One response to “Is David Cameron glad that Daniel Hannan is inside the tent?

  1. UK Voter March 26, 2009 at 6:09 pm

    I thought Hannan’s peach was articulate, meaningful and perfectly timed. The question I would have for Cameron, is why he is not trying to get this guy on his front bench? Surely he could be persuaded to beome an MP instead of an MEP?

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