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Anyone For Bangers and Mash?

Swine Flu GIF by HappyToast

So, we’re all going to die.


Yes, even as the staggering (though regrettable) total of, err, 7 deaths have been confirmed in Mexico from swine flu (as of yesterday), saner voices are, as usual, struggling to be heard amid the zealotry of the panic-mongers.

Some have pointed out, for example, that bird flu has stubbornly failed to wipe out the 50,000 promised just for the U.K. (the worldwide actual total is, as of the 23rd April 2009, a scary 257).

Many will remember the BSE scare as well, though. We were all going to die from CJD/vCJD because it was caused by eating BSE infected beef (and, naturally, it was all Mrs Thatcher’s fault). We knew this was true because some scientists said so, shortly before asking for public money to continue monitoring the situation, just to be sure.

People laughed at John Gummer. They also laughed because he had fed his daughter a hamburger to demonstrate how safe beef actually was. Well, on this issue (as opposed to his views on evolution), he was right: confirmed and probable deaths from vCJD since 1990 (to 6th April 2009) have totalled 1,390, with 164 confirmed vCJD fatalities. A sum not at all adjacent to the millions forecast by the more shrill experts scaremongers.

Of course, the inconvenient truth about BSE/CJD is that no link has ever been proven between the human and bovine forms, which means that, unlike influenza, many resources have been expended on what is quite possibly the wrong line of attack.

Anyway, in the meantime, I suggest we make the best of it, and while the morons stop buying pork products “cos of the pig flu innit – I gotta fink of me kids”, we can benefit from reduced prices for bacon and bangers. Just in time for the barbecue season.

(H/T for the GIF: HappyToast via B3ta)


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